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If you're reading this, it's not by accident.

It's likely that you've been dealing with one or multiple of the following symptoms:

Chronic Vertigo

Chronic Dizziness

Balance Issues


Motion Sickness

Vision Fatigue

Tight Neck Muscles

Ear Fullness

Ringing Ears

Vestibular Migraines

Vestibular Neuritis

Chronic BPPV

Meniere's Disease

Mal De Debarquement

Whiplash Dizziness

You've probably spent a decent amount of time doing your own research online, in between visits to Neurologists, Ear Nose and Throat doctors, or during a break at your Vestibular Rehab therapy as you get ready to shake your head as fast as you can.


But here you are having taken the conventional approaches as you've been recommended to do. You're now reading this, not having achieved your dream of playing with your kids, taking that vacation you need, or even just having the confidence to simply move your head without fear of symptoms.

Quick Dizziness Treatment

At Keystone, we do things differently.

We don't take the conventional approach.

Instead of living in a silo and expecting a single approach to work for everyone, we've added to the field to include ALL the systems involved with balance issues.


Balance issues and vestibular dysfunction can come from your Eyes, Inner Ear(s), and the position of your Head on top of your neck and Atlas bone. Regular treatment approaches assume that most balance issues come from the inner ear, when the research actually says otherwise.

Meniere's Cure

In reality, these 3 systems should behave like a symphony. Conventional approaches treat it instead as a solo, with the thought of a "root cause" belief. While this makes things easier, it flat-out ignores that the human body does not work as a solo.

At Keystone, we've made it our mission to put together an approach that evaluates and treats ALL 3 systems. This approach comes from several thousands of hours of advanced training and cutting-edge diagnostics. ​Based on national statistics and patient experiences, it would take, on average, 2 - 3 years and $4,000 - $7,000 to gather the data and diagnostics included in Keystone's Examination.


1 of 100 in the       using advanced Conebeam CT Imaging

1of 6 in the         expanding Upper Cervical Chiropractic with Functional Neurology


1of 1in               specializing in Blair Upper Cervical and Orthospinology Upper Cervical

This has all been for a particular goal.

Comprehensively identify the issue, increasing the likelihood of achieving the hoped-for goal, all while reducing the time necessary to reduce or resolve symptoms. "

You've already been to the major players. And that was the EXACT right thing to do, ensuring nothing life-threatening was happening. But, if you've been suffering from your symptoms for more than 2 months, medications aren't working, and you've completed conventional approaches, it might be time for something more advanced in the form of Keystone's Neurological Optimization approach.

Vertigo Treatment

Let's paint a quick picture.

Your car's stuck in a rut, tires spinning, and getting absolutely nowhere.

You're giving it everything you've got, but realizing that what you're doing isn't working.

You've got 2 choices:

Keep spinning and hope something catches


Make a compromise and call a tow service for some extra effort to get you out

Here's the deal. If you're taking an inefficient approach with endless effort and consistency, you're likely to not get very far. Make no mistake, when it comes to achieving your goal, it takes effort and compromise, there's no way around it. But why continue to be stuck in a rut, when you could be driving toward your goal, faster than you ever had, and with the best gas mileage possible?

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