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The Keystone Intensive

After several years of helping patients from around the entire South East, Keystone is proud to offer a proprietary 

5 Day Intensive Treatment Program. While this was originally born out of our local patients asking for evaluations for their family who lived out of town, it has evolved into helping patients who have contacted us

from around the United States.

To ensure that we have the best chance of a successful treatment outcome, we have narrowed our focus into the following conditions, listed below. It's important to note that the most successful outcomes with our approach will be with CHRONIC conditions (+6 months), as opposed to NEW injuries.

Dizziness & Vertigo

Headaches & Migraines

Meniere's Disease

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Craniocervical Instability

Upper Cervical Spine Pain

The Intensive Evaluation Process

Our Intensive Evaluation process takes place in several steps.

Case History & Imaging Review - Remote ($300)


In order to determine candidacy, we require that all prospective intensive patients submit their detailed case history (medical records) and all previous imaging studies (MRIs, CTs, etc.) for review. This can either be digital and/or paper records. A thorough review allows us the best opportunity to be able to determine if our approach might help.

Case Approval - Remote ($Included)


If we believe our approach might help, we will approve your case and begin the intensive process, starting with immediate lifestyle modifications. These will remain in implementation for a period of time, leading up to your Intensive start date. Modifications are geared towards optimizing your body's systems to achieve the best results with in-office treatment. 

In-Office Evaluation - In Person ($900+)


All Intensive patients will undergo a full NeuroStructural Evaluation (3 hours) at Keystone, as well as obtain new, case-specific imaging (CBCT, Xray, MRI, etc.). With new and updated data, we will review systems involved, as well as discuss major findings and prognosis' related to them. Recommendations and expectations for care will be included. 

The Intensive Treatment Program

"The best approach and treatment is one that thoroughly evaluates and properly treats

ALL areas known to be involved with the condition."

While every patient's treatment will be unique to their case, the majority of cases will include a combination of the following:

Image-Guided Craniocervical Correction
Neuro-Visual Therapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Neuromuscular Tissue Reconditioning

Corrective Exercise Instruction

Up to 3 treatments each day will be at various times throughout the day(s), spanning Monday - FridayA final re-evaluation will be performed on Friday, with further recommendations and home care instructions being discussed. The total cost of the Keystone Intensive program varies with each case, however, most cases range from $2500 - $3500.​

Let's Chat

The first contact with our practice will be with Dr. Cameron directly, in the form of a complimentary phone consultation. This will give both the prospective patient and doctor a better chance to understand what's going on with your health. We've set aside times solely dedicated for these conversations, so that we can give you 110% of the attention you deserve.

Please follow our Consultation Process below and lets have a conversation about what's going on.

Please note, Keystone is Non-Participatory in Medicare and Medicaid systems.

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