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  • Dr. Cameron Bearder

Picture a dump-truck rolling over a garden hose ...

Imagine the Charlotte or Atlanta Airport, the day before Thanksgiving at the main TSA checkpoint. It’s not hard to visualize the volume of people trying to get through that singular checkpoint, waiting to dash to the closest Starbucks before running to their plane’s gate.

Now, multiply that activity by at least a BILLION. That in and of itself is almost incomprehensible! This is the perfect analogy for the volume of nerve communication that takes place through the Upper Cervical Spine, specifically between the Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2), which sit right at the base of the skull. If these spinal segments have shifted out of normal alignment, they will negatively affect nerve communication from the top down, thus negatively affecting the health and function of the entire human body. Remember, all of that nerve flow goes to every organ, muscle tissue, and cell, so it’s very reasonable to suggest that this might be a “Big Matzah Ball” of a problem, usually in the form of pain and/or symptoms.

So, back to the TSA checkpoint. Picture a family of 6 with 12 pieces of luggage. What if that luggage had liquids and clothes that spilled out? It’s easy to see how this could OBSTRUCT the flow of the travelers behind them, creating a log-jam at a bottleneck? Cleanup on Aisle 1, please!

Check out Atlas Displacement Complex for more information.



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