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  • Dr. Cameron Bearder

Ooooh ... pretty colors!

At Keystone, a component of our Structural Examination is a Neuro Thermal Analysis. These NeuroThermal images are a representation of the body’s ELECTRICAL SYSTEM via measurement of heat. Similar to electrical wiring in a house powering all the appliances, the nerves in our body feed all the organs and muscles. Important job, to say the least. No one wants a malfunctioning toaster oven when the kids are demanding Toaster Strudels ...

Our internal wiring system gives off HEAT, as it should, however, sometimes when our STRUCTURE has shifted away from NORMAL, our wiring can become irritated. It’s reasonable to suggest that this could very well cause some problems for all of the muscles and organs that are powered by this wiring, right? Over time, that irritation can become chronic inflammation and dysfunction in one, or even multiple parts of the body, sometimes unrelated to the initial area.

Pictured here is pre-adjustment and post-adjustment on the same visit. As you might discern, there is quite a change.

Structural Chiropractors look for reasonable SYMMETRY and INTENSITY. What we see with the image on the left is irregular Intensity, or ABNORMAL. The image on the right depicts a more reasonable intensity distribution, closer to “normal.”

Does it make sense that STRUCTURE affects FUNCTION?


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