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Vertigo & Dizziness

Let's get one thing straight ...

Vertigo, Dizziness, and Motion Sickness are NOT the same thing.

This is an absolute fact, and one that isn't really distinguished well among conventional treatment approaches.

Take a second and read through this graphic:

Dizziness Remedy, Dizziness Treatment

Which one best describes what you're dealing with?

If you've suffered with true vertigo, you know its the more debilitating condition. A vertigo attack, or even the thought of one, can alter almost every aspect of your daily activities and life. Pile on medications that alter your vestibular system, and things can get pretty dicey.

Dizziness on the other hand, in most cases, is a step down from true vertigo from a symptom standpoint. Truth be told, even at its worst, chronic dizziness can be easier for you to manage on your own. This does NOT make it "less important," however.

If you're still reading this ...

Your interest is mildly piqued. Chances are good that you've previously consulted with a Neurologist or ENT. You may have even already had a round of Vestibular Therapy ... and the problem still persists.

You want to know WHY.

Menieres Disease, Menieres Treatment

The simple answer is :

"the ACTUAL source or COMBINATION of sources hasn't yet been discovered"

This is more common than you might think, and in more cases than not, the answer is hiding in plain sight.

You see ...

Vestibular conditions all have the SAME three components to them:

Meniere's Cure

Information from these three areas all tell your brain exactly what's "what" and where "what" is.

If one or more of these areas is "talking louder" than the others, it's what's called a Mismatch.

This will overwhelm the rest of the system and now create a reliance on the "louder" system.

Let's use the Head & Atlas Position as an example.

How to get rid of dizziness

A change in Atlas Position will create a reliance on the head and atlas position as the main driver for overall balance function, effectively facilitating a "louder" system, or mismatch. When the other systems (eyes or inner ear) get challenged for more than a few seconds, they will largely fail and create neurological symptoms such as vertigo or dizziness. This same scenario can be interchanged for the eyes and inner ear as the louder systems.

Most approaches ONLY evaluate and treat ONE of the THREE systems. At Keystone, we evaluate and balance overall system output with Neurological Optimization.

Vertigo Treatment

We're not the typical office ...

Dizziness Home Treatment
Dizziness Home Remedy

Keystone is a unique niche clinic in the healthcare realm. This is not by accident, but rather by intentional design.

We saw a glaring need for patient-focused healthcare, and we’ve made it our mission to continually stay ahead of the curve with Evidence-Informed methods and true cutting-edge technology

Keystone exists to educate, empower, and instill independence. Along the journey through these phases, patients gain clarity and confidence in being able to take care of themselves.

This creates Health Autonomy, which we believe is one of the major components lacking in healthcare today.

Natural Dizziness Remedy

Healthcare shouldn’t be confusing or create anxiety, so instead of the traditional “business-to-consumer” transactional approach, we’ve elected to focus on the human-to-human experience.


This value-driven model aims to over-deliver, at every turn.

Quick Dizziness Treatment

"  After multiple vertigo attacks a week, I’ve been vertigo free for 2 weeks!  "

Shannon R.