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This isn't your typical approach

We know what you're thinking ... "another doctor's office claiming they have the cure for migraine."

Actually, we don't. And according to research, there isn't a cure.

Here's the research. Have a read. It's dense, so we'll summarize:

Migraines are an uncurable genetic condition that involves an "altered brain state" comprising of 4 main components


Don't lose hope just yet. Keep reading. We promise it's good.

If there's no cure, then why are there doctors who are treating for migraine?

Well, most doctors and their approaches are


symptom-based, single-lensed, plug-and-play protocols


that only view the patient and their condition through ONE of the FOUR components involved.

At Keystone, we evaluate ALL of the components that research has determined contribute to Migraine.

This allows us to state that our approach offers



We know what folks with chronic migraine have been suffering with ...

years of time lost with friends and family, and uncountable missed opportunities. We hear this every day.

We've worked as diligently as possible to give every patient hope that they WILL get back to living their life,

regardless of if they've suffered with Migraine for 2 years or 20.

(Bonus for the deep-divers: Want to know more about the 4 components of a Migraine? Read our quick blog on "What is a TRUE Migraine?")

What is the actual Migraine Treatment?

While it may seem like a vague answer, it truly is:

"well, it depends"

The BEST migraine treatment is one that has identified the main areas that are vulnerable. 

For example, you've probably seen the following

THIS diet CURED my migraine!!!


THIS device CURED my migraine!!!


THIS injection CURED my migraine!!!


Insert whatever you want, but the fact remains the same: whatever the "cure" was, it simply strengthened the most vulnerable component for THAT person's particular migraine puzzle. 

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you've tried just about everything conventional,

and probably a fair amount of alternative treatments...

At Keystone we use in-office treatment methods that have been research-proven to be effective for Migraine reduction. Treatment may include neurological rehabilitation, peripheral nerve stimulation, gaze stability exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, manual therapies, and eye-head tracking exercises. Each of these therapies will be targeted towards areas of the brain that have become vulnerable to Migraine.

(Bonus for the out-of-towners: we also offer Migraine Treatment intensives, via our 4 Day Intensive Program.

This includes treatment over a shortened period of time, while providing long term support from afar.)

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