This isn't your typical approach

According to updated research, Migraine headaches are a genetic condition that involves an "altered brain state."  

Essentially, every person that suffers from migraine has 4 components that are factoring into the overall puzzle:


1. The Hormonal Piece

While the hormonal correlation with migraine has been established for some time, the debate about how to treat hormonal dysfunction is still ongoing. Although hormones don’t directly cause migraine, they can be a sizable piece of the puzzle, making it much more likely to have a migraine if they are dysfunctional. In most cases, a comprehensive hormonal panel can reveal glaring dysfunction that has been undiagnosed and/or untreated.


2. The Nutritional Piece

A healthy diet, as well as removal of common ‘triggers’ is essential for successful treatment. It’s important to know that nutritional changes won’t cause or cure migraine, but that they’re a piece of the puzzle. Some patients have extreme responses to certain foods like histamine foods and/or cross-reactivities, so making these seemingly simple changes may drastically improve their migraine days and/or intensity of the pain.

3. The Musculoskeletal Piece

Abnormal physical stressors will increase chances of a migraine. Research has shown that massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and exercise can all reduce the amount of stress on the system. Each of these modalities impacts the nervous system differently, so it’s important to note that any of these approaches might cause short-term inflammation, and actually flare symptoms. 

4. The Neurological Piece

Migraine sufferers have an altered brain state that is neurologically different, even when there’s no symptoms. Treatment aims to identify areas of the brain that are functionally not as healthy as the others, and stimulate that part of the brain to an appropriate level. The key is to continually strengthen these parts of the brain, lowering the risk of future migraine attacks.

What is the best Migraine Treatment?

The best migraine treatment is one that evaluates and properly treats ALL areas known to be involved with migraine.

Most conventional migraine treatment is one-dimensional, in that it only targets the SYMPTOM(s) of the migraine,

not the area(s) that CAUSE the symptom(s), resulting in little migraine relief.


Common forms of migraine treatment usually include expensive abortive medications, BOTOX injections, and in some cases, invasive surgery. While these treatment approaches have indeed helped ease suffering, most are left searching for additional treatment options when these conventional methods lose their effectiveness.

At Keystone we use in-office treatment methods that have been research-proven to be effective for Migraine reduction. Treatment may include neurological rehabilitation, peripheral nerve stimulation, gaze stability exercises, vestibular rehabilitation, manual therapies, and eye-head tracking exercises. Each of these therapies will be targeted towards areas of the brain that have become vulnerable to Migraine.

We also offer Migraine Treatment intensives, via our 4 Day Intensive Program. This includes treatment over a shortened period of time, while providing long term support from afar.

What does our Migraine relief evaluation look like?

Instead of a conventional "One Size Fits All" approach, your Upper Cervical solution

is customized from many factors, such as your Health History,

3-D CT Scan, Complete NeuroStructural Examination, and

any risk factors that your condition might create. Our evaluation process is highlighted below.

3-D CBCT Scan

State-of-the-art 3-D CBCT imaging allows us to view the overall structural integrity of your upper neck. Viewing your unique structure in 3-D is necessary for calculating a specific Atlas Correction. This novel imaging is crucial for determining how much structural improvement is achievable.

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NeuroStructural Examination

The initial Examination includes objective testing in the form of Dynamic Posturography Assessment, NeuroThermal Diagnostic Scanning, Proprioceptive, Visual, and Vestibular Testing, as well as an Expanded Neurological Exam.

Other testing will be performed if indicated. 

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Corrective Office Appointments

Regular office visits are a flat, fee-for-result and combine multiple modalities; Functional Neurology Exercises, Neuromuscular Re-education, Global Adjusting via Instrument and Drop Table methods, and Corrective Atlas adjusting.

Other tools are used when needed.

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"  I have seen exceptional and lasting results

from his focus on the Upper Neck. "

Eric S.